Bay City Michigan Dentist


Visiting the dentist is on very few people’s list of favorite activities, but the reality is good oral care is an essential factor in your overall health and well being. It’s important for all families to have convenient access to a qualified and experienced dentist in Bay City Michigan.

At Bay City Dental Center, we offer the dentistry you need at competitive prices, delivered by a highly capable dental team of professionals with excellent chairside manners that make patients feel comfortable and cared for. When you need any of the following services, we can help.

New Patients


During the first appointment with our dentist Dr. Matthew Ward, new patients complete a patient history that our dental team reviews with you. We examine your teeth to get a clear picture of your dental needs, ask you about former dental work, and pose questions about your lifestyle and general health. We take a full set of x-rays to provide us with visual images of your teeth from several angles, and our dentist in Bay City Michigan will then share his recommendations with you for your personal treatment plan.


Dental Hygiene Services


In addition to general and specialized dentistry and oral surgery, our dental office provides tooth cleaning, tartar removal, plaque removal, stain removal, and general tooth and gum care and cleaning. These services are performed by our trained dental hygienists, and every new patient receives a thorough dental cleaning as part of their first appointment. This helps to get your teeth into good condition going forward, and our dentist in Bay City Michigan gives you instructions you can follow at home to keep your mouth healthy.

Family Dentistry


Having a regular family dentist in Bay City Michigan is essential for families living in the area, particularly if you have children. Regular checkups, preventive maintenance and annual teeth cleaning all help to detect and treat problems early, which can make a big difference to your family’s oral health throughout their lives. Our family dentist is used to working with little teeth, and children who receive quality dental care starting in their early years are less likely to experience challenges with newly erupting, permanent teeth, overcrowding, or malocclusion issues. Family members with dentures or implants benefit from regular examinations to determine the condition of dental prosthetics, remaining natural teeth, gums and jaws.

Other Dental Services


Our menu of dental services also includes dental fillings, sealants and veneers, crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, gum disease treatments, mouthguards for sports and sleep apnea, prosthodontics, and care for TMD pain.

Don’t delay – schedule your first consultation with Dr. Ward, a qualified dentist in Bay City Michigan by contacting us today. .