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Dental Hygiene Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It may be an old saying, but it’s true, particularly when it comes to oral health. Dental hygiene services are a form of preventative care that can save you a lot of pain, time, and money spent on dental treatments. We offer this kind of proactive family dentistry at Dr. Matthew Ward’s practice in Bay City, MI, to help our patients maintain good dental hygiene and oral health.

What Are Dental Hygiene Services?

Dental hygiene services are treatments and processes often carried out by a dental hygienist, rather than a dentist, although your dentist may also offer these services. These include tooth cleaning, tartar removal, plaque removal, stain removal, and general tooth and gum care, and cleaning.

These treatments are not designed to treat a specific problem as much as they are intended to prevent problems from occurring.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Hygiene Services?

There are several benefits for patients who choose to make regular dental hygiene services part of their dental treatment plans. These include prevention of cavities and decay, and a greater likelihood of spotting early signs of trouble. At our dental practice offering family dentistry in Bay City, MI, we provide treatments such as fillings or tooth restorations, and they can help to prevent pain and infection.

How Often Should Patients Seek Dental Hygiene Services?

Unlike dental repair and restoration services, dental hygiene services are not a treatment for a problem like pain or infection. They are intended to keep your teeth in as good condition as possible so that those other services are less necessary.

This means planning is a critical part of your dental hygiene care, and we generally recommend that you see our dental hygienist or dentist for this type of service twice a year.

What Happens During A Dental Hygiene Appointment?

When you visit our office for a dental hygiene appointment, we will most likely be taking x-rays and camera pictures of the teeth, so that you can visually see potential areas that need to be treated.

Your dental hygiene appointment will usually involve tooth cleaning, and the removal of tartar, plaque and stains on your teeth. While we work, we will examine your gums and other tissues carefully, to ensure that there are no problems that should be attended to by your family dentistry practitioner, Dr. Matthew Ward, in Bay City, MI.

Most people find that they can comfortably have a dental hygiene appointment without any anesthesia, but if you find that it is painful for you, local anesthesia can be provided to numb the area.

Your dentist or dental hygienist will then use special tools to clean the hard material that builds up on the surface of the tooth, known as tartar. This cleaning will address areas above and slightly below the gum line, and remove the material where bacteria thrives, causing gum disease and decay.

Once your teeth are clean, they may also be polished, which can help to remove surface stains, and give you a more even, whiter smile. During the appointment, your dental hygienist will take note of any issues that may need attention in a follow-up appointment, and they might ask you to book another visit to our office to address those issues.

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