Dentures and Partial Dentures in Bay City, MI

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Dentures and Partial Dentures

Modern dentistry has come a long way, and there are treatment options available today from our dentist in Bay City, MI, Dr. Matthew Ward, that can save teeth that would have been completely beyond help just a few decades ago. Occasionally, however, even with all the dental science and technology available today, we are unable to save our patients’ teeth once they reach a point of no repair. At that time, alternative solutions need to be considered.

Whatever the reason for tooth loss, there is definitely still a need for dentures and partial dentures, and we’re always happy to advise our patients on the best solutions.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Missing teeth can have a profound effect on your confidence, appearance, and overall oral health. Full and partial dentures offer a way to replace missing teeth and give you back your smile. And, with modern advances in dental technology by Dr. Ward, dentures look and feel more natural than ever before. Our experienced team uses only the highest quality materials to create dentures that are both functional and attractive.

Am I A Candidate For Dentures?

Suitable candidates for dentures or partial dentures could be patients who have lost multiple teeth or need to have teeth taken out. Dentures work to improve your oral function, allow you to eat the food you love, and help retain the contours of your face. These appliances work most effectively if the gum tissues are healthy and there is a good amount of bone to keep them in place. At your appointment with Dr. Ward, he will evaluate your dental wellness and go over your possible options depending on your requirements, maintenance aims, and finances. Using this information, Dr. Ward will help you determine if dentures are ideal for your needs and which style will best suit your unique situation.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a good option for anyone who has a space between healthy teeth, or who has or would be willing to get, dental implants on either side of a space to support a bridge between them.

Bridges are permanent, while dentures are usually removable, which makes dental bridges an attractive proposition for anyone looking to replace one or two teeth.

Dental bridges can be traditional, where one or two false teeth are supported by crowns attached to adjacent teeth, or they might be cantilevered (attached to just one tooth) or attached to implants.

Whichever method is chosen for your bridgework, Dr. Ward, our dentist in Bay City, MI, will take x-rays of the area, and may prepare the adjacent tooth or teeth for crowns before taking impressions. These impressions will be used to manufacture the bridge, and once that is ready, it will be permanently bonded to the teeth or implants that will anchor it in place.


Full dentures are a great option for anyone who has lost or will lose all of their teeth to accident, injury, periodontal disease, or decay. They can be the traditional type of dentures that are fully removable, or they can be one of the newer types of dentures that are attached to dental implants.

Dr. Ward will take impressions of your mouth, and these will be used to manufacture your dentures for a beautiful smile. Generally, while dentures can correct major issues with your smile, and give you a whiter shade of a smile, your dentist will try to stay as close as possible to your natural smile with dentures. No one has absolutely perfect teeth, after all, and dentures that are impossibly perfect are too easy to spot!

Once manufactured and provided you have healed from any surgery that might have been required to remove any teeth, your dentist will fit your dentures and make minor adjustments. You may have one or more follow-up appointments to make adjustments to your denture while you are getting used to them.

Dr. Ward will be able to explain all of your options, maintenance and replacement cycles when you discuss your dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are similar to full dentures, in that they are usually removable, but instead of being for your whole mouth, they are made to fill just specific areas of your smile.

The process to manufacture partial dentures is similar, with Dr. Ward making impressions, and sending them to a lab for manufacturing, but unlike a full set of dentures, they will also have to match the opposite side of your smile, and the color of the teeth. So, there is less opportunity to alter the appearance of your smile with partial dentures.

The Right Treatment For You

Deciding whether full dentures, partial dentures, bridges, implants or something else is the right treatment for you is something that is best done in consultation with Dr. Ward, your dentist in Bay City, MI.

A variety of factors, including your lifestyle, the condition of your teeth, and the results you want all play a role in the decision, and it’s always best to discuss your needs and weigh your options before deciding.

Dentures FAQ

Can I sleep with my dentures in my mouth?

Dentures should be taken out every night before patients go to sleep in order to avoid causing damage to their mouths. This rule extends even to partial dentures, so if patients do not wish to remove their dentures, they should likely consider other options.

How long do you have to wait after teeth extraction to receive dentures?

Our staff generally recommends waiting between 6 – 8 weeks after tooth extraction before having dentures placed. In some cases, this may be even longer depending on how the patient's mouth heals after the extraction.

Do dentures feel natural?

Thanks to advances in modern technology, dentures feel completely normal. While it may feel a bit strange at first, patients will quickly grow accustomed to the feeling of their dentures and will often forget they're even wearing them.

How much do dentures cost?

The total price of dentures will vary from patient to patient depending on a number of factors. During your consultation, our team will listen to your concerns and assess your oral health to create a personalized treatment plan. Then, we’ll be able to provide a more accurate estimate of cost.

Are dentures covered by dental insurance?

Detachable or implant-supported dentures could be covered to some degree by multiple insurance plans. Our team will get in touch with your insurance company to determine your fullest coverage, and then we will inform you of your potential expenses. During your visit with Dr. Ward, he will tailor your treatment program so your restorations fit both your requirements and finances. To ensure that the tooth restoration process is even more low-cost, Bay City Dental Center takes several kinds of payments, including dental payment plans.

How long do dentures last?

Typically, we recommend for our patients to have their dentures replaced every 5 – 7 years. This is due to the daily wear and tear that can cause them to no longer prooperly fit your mouth. If you're unsure about the health of your dentures, feel free to ask a member of our team during your appointment.

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