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Dental Implants

Dental implants have really changed the face of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Where once, our Bay City dentist had few options aside from dentures to give patients a beautiful smile after dental extractions, implants have now given us the tools to give patients a more permanent solution. If you are seeking dental implants in Michigan, you have come to the right place.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are specially designed metal posts that are surgically implanted into the jaw bone below the gum line. Once healed, they allow a dentist to attach individual teeth, bridgework or even dentures. You might say these are the high-tech version of the roots of your teeth, and that they perform the same function, which is anchoring manufactured teeth in place.

Types Of Dental Implants

In the years since dental implants were first introduced, they have become the basis of multiple types of treatment for many different situations. These are some of the options of dental implants in Michigan that are available from our Bay City dentist, Dr. Matthew Ward.

#1: All On 4

All on 4 is a treatment which supports a full arch rehabilitation with just four implants. Two are placed in the front of the jaw, and two at the back. While the front implants are installed straight, the rear implants are fixed at about 45 degrees, ensuring better anchoring.

Provided that the patient’s jaw bone meets the required criteria, these implants can be fitted with a provisional bridge as soon as they are installed, providing a temporary solution while the final prosthetic is manufactured.

#2: All On 6

All on 6 implants can provide an immediate solution to suitable patients. In this treatment, a full arch restoration is completed with three implants on one side and three on the other, supporting all of the bridgework between and beyond.

This type of implant is best suited to patients with good jaw integrity, and is usually not recommended for smokers or diabetics. If you’re in any doubt as to whether this can work for you, a dental exam, x-rays and a discussion with Dr. Ward at Bay City Dental Center can confirm it!

#3: Permanent Implant

Permanent implants are a dental option for teeth that are too damaged for repair or are missing entirely.

Permanent dental implants require a metal post that is implanted into the jawbone, and a prosthetic tooth, that is fixed to the post. They do require adequate bone density to be a suitable treatment option, but if they are, they are a great low maintenance, permanent and aesthetically pleasing option. For permanent dental implants in Michigan, we welcome you to contact us for more information.

#4: Dentures

Dentures with implants are another permanent solution offered by Dr. Ward at Bay City Dental Center for people who either don’t have any teeth right now, or are planning to have their teeth extracted, and who have sufficient bone density to support the implants.

Unlike traditional dentures which are loose and unattached in the mouth, dentures with implants are attached to implants fixed to the jaw, which makes them a much more permanent solution.

#5: Sinus Lift

As you have noticed, most types of dental implant require a minimum bone density to work. However, if you don’t have the required bone density in your jaws, there are a few options that can still make dental implants possible. Bone grafts and sinus lifts are two of those options.

A sinus lift is a procedure that involves adding bone to the upper jaw in an area called the maxillary sinus. It’s also known as a bone augmentation, and when done correctly and given adequate time to heal, this procedure can give people who might otherwise not be suitable candidates for dental implants the option to use this type of treatment.

Whichever type of dental implant you are interested in, it’s always best to speak to your Dr. Ward, your Bay City dentist to get a professional assessment of your situation and your options.

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