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Emergency Dentistry

If you landed on this page while looking for an emergency dental clinic in Michigan, the chances are that you may be suffering from oral pain and are in urgent need of an emergency dentist to help you resolve your issue. We welcome you to visit our emergency dentist in Bay City, Michigan, Dr. Matthew Ward.

Due to the nature of a dental emergency, you can’t plan for them, but if you are experiencing one, we can offer you the treatment that will eliminate pain and protect your smile until you can seek a permanent solution.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are any dental pain or discomfort incidents that you cannot plan for, and that requires immediate care. As a leading emergency dental clinic in Michigan, we’re exceptionally qualified to help you through the crisis.

These emergencies may be related to injuries, including sporting injuries, or they may be related to sudden pain from cavities or tooth decay. Teeth that have been knocked loose, chipped or broken may also fall into the category of a dental emergency, as may any jaw pain or dental pain, unexplained and excessive bleeding or swellings on or near the gums and teeth.

If it occurs suddenly and it causes dental pain or discomfort, it falls into the category of a dental emergency and can be treated at our emergency dental clinic in Michigan.

How Are Dental Emergencies Handled?

If you find yourself experiencing sudden pain or discomfort, and you reach out to us in search of an emergency dentist in Michigan, your treatment will probably follow the same prescribed path.

When you first become aware of a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is call our emergency dental clinic in Michigan. Our team will do everything possible to adjust our schedule so that we can see you as soon as possible.

During your emergency consultation, our dentist Dr. Matthew Ward will examine the area that is causing trouble, and determine the cause of the problem. If it is a dental issue and not something that should be referred on for medical care, Dr. Ward will investigate further, both visually and possibly by taking X-Rays.

It’s not always possible to permanently solve a dental emergency during the first visit to our emergency dental clinic in Michigan, so the immediate goal is to solve the problem for the short term. Temporary fillings, temporary crowns, and caps and other measures might be employed to do that, and if arrangements need to be made for a second treatment, including dental impressions, these will be done during your emergency appointment.

Follow Up Appointments

Once your immediate pain and discomfort have been resolved, you no longer have an emergency, but you might still need additional treatment to reach a permanent solution. Our emergency dentist, Dr. Matthew Ward, in Bay City, MI, also provides a range of other dental services, so discuss your needs with our friendly and caring team to find out what happens next and when you need to return for a follow-up appointment. The treatment you receive will depend on the type of emergency you have had, but it may include permanent fillings, fitting crowns when they return from the lab, or a follow-up examination with your dentist to check for infections that may have been causing you pain.

Dental emergencies are never fun, but with the right care, your pain and discomfort can be managed, and the right treatment plan will provide both immediate and long-term solutions.


At Bay City Dental Center, we understand that you can't always predict when a dental problem will arise, and we are committed to offering rapid, effective care for dental emergencies to give you comfort and peace of mind until the issue can be fully resolved. If you are experiencing dental or oral discomfort, bleeding, or have lost or broken a tooth or restoration, call to schedule your emergency dental visit in Bay City, MI today.

Emergency dentist FAQs

How quickly should I see a dentist after a dental emergency?

Time is often of the essence when dealing with dental emergencies. If you suffer from a traumatic injury, like a lost tooth or severe pain, it's best to seek attention immediately. Contacting Bay City Dental Center within 30 minutes to an hour can make the difference in saving a tooth or preventing further complications. Our team in Bay City, MI prioritizes urgent cases, ensuring patients get the care they need when they need it.

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

It's important to get to a dentist as quickly as possible after a tooth has been knocked out. In the meantime, keep the tooth moist by dropping it into a glass of milk, water, or your natural saliva. Make sure it doesn't dry out before visiting our clinic. Rinse your mouth gently with a saltwater solution and manage any bleeding with a gauze pad.

Can I see a dentist about tissue injury or facial pain?

Any injury inside the mouth can be considered a dental emergency. This includes lacerations or tears in the cheeks or tongue. Bay City Dental Center can help you manage the cut and prevent problems like infection. However, patients with deep cuts and bleeding that doesn't stop should visit their nearest emergency room or urgent care center.

What about problems with temporary restorations?

A temporary restoration that breaks or falls out is not necessarily a dental emergency, but it depends on your case. If the restoration fell out as a result of trauma and is accompanied by pain and bleeding, these are signs of a dental emergency. Our dental team suggests putting the restoration back into place until you can schedule an appointment.

Is emergency dentistry covered by insurance?

Coverage for emergency dentistry largely depends on your specific dental insurance plan. Most insurance plans offer some level of coverage for emergency situations, but the extent can vary. It might cover procedures like emergency extractions or treatments for dental trauma. The team at Bay City Dental Center can work with your insurance company to determine your coverage and provide payment options to ensure you get the care you need without undue financial stress.

What should I do if I face a dental emergency?

If you encounter a dental emergency, it's crucial first to stay calm and not panic. Immediately contact Bay City Dental Center to schedule an urgent appointment. If an emergency occurs outside regular office hours, our team can help. It's vital to address dental emergencies promptly to alleviate pain, save the tooth if possible, and prevent further complications.

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