Three Ways a Root Canal Improves Oral Health

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A root canal might sound scary, as the practice entails removing the infected pulp and cleaning the inside of the tooth. You might not know the extent of the infection, plus you may be worried about how well your tooth will feel after the procedure is complete.

Dr. Matthew Ward and the dental experts at Bay City Dental Center in Bay City, MI can provide a root canal service that will care for your teeth and preserve the quality of your smile. If needed, a root canal is a necessity to preserve your dental health.

Here are three ways how you can benefit from a root canal:

1. A root canal prevents infection from entering the bone structure around your mouth.

A root canal entails the removal of pulp infected with bacteria that can cause severe decay. The bacteria can dissolve the enamel in the tooth to produce a cavity. As it impacts the pulp that contains the nerves and blood vessels, the bacteria can potentially spread through the roots and into the bone structure. The rest of your teeth could be at risk of harm if left untreated in Midland or Saginaw, MI.

A root canal procedure clears out the bacteria and reduces the risk of infection. The opening is disinfected and sealed with a filling to ensure the bone isn’t at risk of harm. A crown may also be applied over the area if the impact is too significant.

The intensity of the process will vary by patient, but you can rest assured that our endodontics team at Bay City Dental Center in Bay City, MI will provide quality and compassionate care throughout the process.

2. The procedure relieves the many symptoms associated with dental pain.

A root canal can resolve many issues that might develop due to the infection, such as:

  • Significant pain, especially when chewing
  • A crack or chip in the tooth
  • Swelling around the gums
  • Pimples and other growths appearing in the area around the gums
  • The gums become dark; this is a sign of substantial decay

These problems will not go away unless the infection is cleared. A root canal will ease these pains and other concerns as the healing process begins.

3. The tooth will remain safe and will not break apart.

Since the harmful bacteria in your tooth will be removed, your tooth will not be at risk of cracking, breaking apart, or experiencing further wear. A dentist can check what new treatments are necessary for the tooth after the root canal is complete.

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