Do I Need to Be a Certain Age to Have Dental Implant Surgery?

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Dental implants can restore your smile and fill in the empty spaces on your gumline. An implant will also prevent your jawline from losing bone mass, plus it prevents the surrounding teeth from experiencing further decay. Dr. Matthew Ward and the experts at Bay City Dental Center in Bay City, MI are proud to provide dental implant support for patients throughout the Bay City, Saginaw, and Midland regions.

You will only qualify for a dental implant if you are of a specific age to ensure your teeth can develop correctly and avoid any future dental complications.

What is the youngest possible age to receive a dental implant?

The youngest potential age for someone to receive a dental implant is around 17 or 18 years. There’s no universal standard for the minimum age that someone has to be for an implant, but this is typically the age when the patient’s jaw is completely developed.

A dental implant is not suitable for people whose jawlines are still developing. Dr. Ward will require a series of x-rays of the jawline area to determine if the patient’s jaw has developed well enough to where an implant can safely work without causing any harm.

What about the wisdom teeth?

It will take a few years after the jawline develops for the person’s wisdom teeth to erupt. Sometimes, the teeth may require removal if they are impacting the rest of the teeth.

You could still receive a dental implant if your wisdom teeth haven’t erupted yet. The wisdom teeth will not likely impact how the jawline functions and how the implant will work. You can ask us at Bay City Dental Center in Bay City, MI for help if you have further concerns regarding your wisdom teeth.

What about dental implants for older adults?

People in advanced age can benefit from dental implants, as many people tend to develop brittle teeth and even tooth loss in their 60s and older. Depending on the situation, dental implants can even work for many older patients well into their 80s and 90s.

The patient’s jawline will require a comprehensive exam of the mouth and teeth to determine if the dental implant can work. Any older adult whose jawline has weakened too much may not be eligible for dental implants. Alternative solutions, such as dentures or partial dentures, may be more suitable, although dentures will require a bit more self-maintenance than an implant. Be sure you request a review of your smile and jawline to see if dental implants are right for you.

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